The unsuccessful attempt eventually led to their inviting the webmasters lily and james potter dating fanfiction the top sites to premieres of the films and tours of the film sets, for fan fiction subject online. Because there were weird news stories or something that I would have to go and check — archived from the original on 28 October But rather the teachers, but they are generally kept as close as possible to the sport envisioned by Rowling. By the fourth Harry Potter book, the legions of fans had grown so large that considerable security measures were taken to ensure that no book was purchased before the official release date. The Fandom Fan Diaries: Pottermania is an informal term first used around describing the craze Harry Potter fans have had over the series. Fans held midnight parties to celebrate the release of the final four books at bookstores which stayed open on the night leading into the date of the release. Some even theme their weddings around Harry Potter. There are many fan web sites about Harry Potter on the Internet, the oldest ones dating to about or

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Voldemort devised a plan to make sure that didn’t happen and almost ten years later a secret is revealed about who Harry Potter really is. Harry Potter – Rated: What he hadn’t expected was Harry had had the same thought in mind.

Lily stared at James, her lips pressed tightly together. “Before that little speech of yours, it seemed like a good idea.” James gave her a lopsided grin and rested his chin on his fist again.

Take Harry and run! This change caused life instead of death for many. She didn’t look back, so James couldn’t see the tears coursing down her cheeks. Her husband might as well already be dead; no one survived Lord Voldemort when he fixed his gaze upon them. The rattle and crash of the back door being blasted down brought her back to the present.

Setting aside the rage at Wormtail’s betrayal of them, Lily grabbed the snitch off Harry’s bureau.

Healing: A Lily and James fanfiction. Chapter Eight.

A Lily and James fanfiction. She simply couldn’t take it right now. Lily looked still further away and snapped, “don’t!

I’m looking for a L/J fic where Lily and Sirius hook up for a while because James was trying to get over Lily by dating other girls. It’s not Unexpected by Gmariam (which is great!); I vaguely remember a scene involving L/S in a secret passage.

A list of things they are not allowed to do in Hogwarts upon penalty of death. A list of things Sirius is banned from doing on his dates. Prone to randomness and bursts of oddity. Starts with 70 ways to annoy Lord Voldemort, then Harry Potter himself, etc Not for kids as there is some material that can be T. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. I know what you’re thinking: Why’s she talking to me?

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I said I’m doing nothing, how does that make me pathetic? I can just tell. You get this pathetic look on your face when you’re thinking about her.

You’re My Flower, Lily – A Lily Evans and James Potter Fanfic (Jily) Fanfiction. You know the story of Lily and James Potter, but how did it come to be? This is, in my eyes, how they finally started dating in their 7th and final year of Hogwarts. Ft. the Marauders and their antics:) Updates twice every week whenever possible. Reviews:

James Potter 27 March [1] , — 31 October , , also known as Prongs, was a pure-blood [3] [4] wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. When James started at Hogwarts, he met and became best friends with three fellow Gryffindor students: He also met Severus Snape , a Slytherin student with whom he became bitter rivals. After graduating from Hogwarts, he married Lily and together they had a son, Harry James Potter , of whom he made Sirius Black the godfather.

James, Lily, and their friends all fought in the First Wizarding War as members of the Order of the Phoenix ; he and his wife defied Lord Voldemort three times. However, James and Lily were forced to go into hiding after a prophecy was made concerning Voldemort and their infant son. James and Lily were ultimately betrayed to Voldemort by one of their close friends Peter Pettigrew.

As a result of this, James was tragically murdered by Voldemort on Hallowe’en in , along with his wife while they were trying to protect their infant son.

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Reborn Lie Lily and James in their 7th year and how they started to date. If you have any questions about my story, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Rating chosen for language.

Lily Evans’ and James Potter’s relationship has always been a complicated story; it’s just about to get a lot more complicated. And so is everything else. They might not know each other well, but they’re about to know each other a lot better.

Harry Potter – Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters: C Daily reviews James realises – not for the first time – that he cannot possibly be Head Boy when it takes three attempts plus Remus’s interceding just to get Lily to agree to have lunch with him. AU Harry Potter – Rated: K – English – Romance – Chapters: The footsteps were only a few feet in front of her now- she would catch them.

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Reblog The first time they say they love you A little headcanon on how would be the first time these HP characters say they love you, the reader. He had to be certain that he could protect you and that you would be safer by his side than by yourself, that you were really indeed happier when he was present. And it was on this particular day that he was sure. Sirius Black Originally posted by totallybenbarnes Sirius was the opposite, the words never meant much to him.

They held no power to him, in his logic to prove love was to show love.

Lily gives the gift of Luck to Petunia while putting off opening her gift from James, which is the exact size of a ring box from a jewellery shop. One glance at it had been enough to send a chill down Lily’s spine, and almost enough to make her say, “You shouldn’t have.”.

Lily’s face paled, it wasn’t deatheaters, right? Her hands trembled and she shakily took the letter out of James’ hand, opening the seal carefully. After she read it, she sighed in relief, but was still shaking a little. Some guy named Vernon. He’s a whale, and even that’s an understatement. I have to bring a date. Or a friend, that’s a guy. Oh, Rena, Cass, and Madi, you’re invited too, and you have to bring a date also, but you don’t have to have a date by tommorow.

James siliently thanked the two girls. Then she turned to James, “So, how about it?

‘Cinderella’ Stars Lily James & Richard Madden Talk Love, Life & Fairytales (Exclusive Pictures)

He meets Scorpius Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express, and hates him from the second he calls the twins “mudbloods. In the Hogwarts Express, Albus met a girl named Sophia mixed of British and Mexican and at once, when he saw her, he was about to fall but James had saved him. Personality and Traits Albus appears to his father’s untidy hair and green eyes. He makes friends easily, and is the first in Albus Potter and the Next Generation to have a girlfriend.

Medieval Lily and James fic!Based on Princess is betrothed to Petunia and when his family comes to see Petunia after a long time,he falls in love with Lily. James is the Prince of Austria.

A lot of fans tend to hate one and love the other, as if they have to choose a side for some reason. Snape is my favorite character, and after reading the fifth book, for the longest time, I loathed James Potter. Unfortunately, even then, something about James still struck me the wrong way. James Potter has a lot of likable traits to go along with the things about him I hate. The way he treats Lupin—accepting him as a friend, becoming an animagus for him, and later in life supporting him financially—tells me that James Potter is, deep down, at least a semi-decent person.

Unfortunately, the good things he does do not excuse the bad. One of the few times we see James Potter, he sexually assaults someone and uses that assault to coerce a girl he likes to go out with him. Potentially as a result of an incredibly pampered upbringing, James was rather arrogant and boastful at Hogwarts, and we know that he used to hex other students just because he could.

He won’t notice me *James Potter ( Maurauders Era) fanfic*

In the books , Lily and James were rivals while at Hogwarts. One particular incident—known as Snape’s Worst Memory —was portrayed in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , revealing that Lily thought James was, to put it mildly, an arrogant and insufferable bully. Despite her blatant dislike, in their fifth year, he began harbouring a crush on her, and asked her out; she, of course, refused OP At some point before Graduation, Lily changed her mind: On July 31 , , their son Harry was born.

They were killed on October 31 , , by Lord Voldemort.

Lily Evans’ relationship with James Potter is anything if not colorful. She can’t help but watch as he makes his way into her heart, decorating her life with the promise of vibrant shades and hues.

He was sent to live with their aunt and uncle, while she was sent to the comfort of her wonderful godfather, Remus Lupin. He was part of the prophecy to save the entire Wizarding World, while she wasn’t. This is the story of Rosalie Lillian Potter. She struggles to get through each day. What happens when she goes to Hogwarts? Will she find love? Learn what it’s like to have friends? When she falls for the most unlikely person, will he return her love?

Or will he use it to control her James falls head over heels for this girl and will stop at nothing to get her, the only problem is… She’s just as headstrong as he is! Fred Weasley was a prankster at heart, and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. They both have a certain dislike for one another, hence the taunting and teasing that is exchanged between them.

My name is Uma White! I love to sing, and dance!

Trying to take Lily Evans on a date [Jily Cosplay]

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